Average U.S Salary for a Frontend Developer: $102,768

Mentored Learning for
Frontend Development

FEDGang is a 12 week remote Frontend Development learning plan worked through alongside a professional Frontend Developer.

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Learning Development is Hard.

While there is no shortage of tutorials online, it can be hard to narrow down your learning path and understand what you need and don't need to know for the real world of Frontend Development.

How it works.

Complete the weekly learning material.

Each week we will focus on a specific area of Frontend Development, with every week building on what you have learned in the previous lessons.

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Test Your Weekly Learnings.

Nothing will teach you more than just 👏 building 👏 websites! Test your knowledge with our collection of ready-to-dev design files from simple apps to complete websites.

Submit your code for feedback.

It's hard to know if what you have built is up to snuff for a professional environment. Get unlimited code reviews by your mentor to build ready-for-production, battle tested code.

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Schedule your mentor call.

A good mentor is worth 1,000 tutorials. Schedule weekly calls to discuss the weeks activities, talk about your career goals, get help if you're stuck, whatever you want! This is your time and we want you to get the most out of your mentor relationship.

Ready to learn the markets most in-demand skills?

Your dream job doesn't require a Computer Science degree, or even an overpriced bootcamp. Just commitment from you and guidance of a top tier mentor.

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