Frequently asked questions.

Who is FedGang for?+

FEDGang is designed for people with zero to a little bit of coding knowlege and who want to get serious about learning the craft to have confidence to start applying for jr. to mid level Frontend roles.

What does the program cover?+

In the program we learn HTML, CSS basics and advanced techniques, Javascript basics and intermediate usage, version control, build tools, and React fundamentals. All of this is with an emphasis on actually building things and getting you out of the "tutorial hell" cycle.

Will I meet my mentor before committing to anything?+

Yes! The initial conversation you have will be with your mentor where you can decide if the fit feels right or not. It will also be your chance to learn more about the program and even begin right away if you choose.

What does it cost?+

Our pricing model is a bit variable depending on your specific case, we like to work with each individual and serve them in a way that makes sense. You will learn more about it in your first consultation call. No pressure sales we promise ;)

What results can I expect?+

The aim of our program is to give you a solid foundation of professional level knowledge along with a portfolio of projects to display your work not only technically but visually as well.

What happens after the 12 weeks?+

After you have completed the core 12 week program we provide additional learning for you to follow and further deepen your skills. Your access to our always evolving design library and tutorials will last forever so you can always use those resources for your continued growth.