Why Us?

The frontend mentorship program was created to solve multiple issues in the arena of learning to code.

Lack of mentorship: Everywhere you look there are online resources to learn anything and everything you could possibly want in the domain of web development, but the thing that is missing with these tutorial sites is FOLLOW UP! How do you know what you are learning is something tech companies actually care about? In the world of Frontend Development the tooling is changing all the time. With having a professional Frontend Developer as a mentor you are assured the knowledge and feedback you recieve is coming from somebody who does this day in, and day out.

Code review by pros: Not only do good code reviews help you learn and sharpen your craft, they also get you prepared for working in teams of developers where code reviews are standard practice before merging your code into a production environment.

Specialised learning: In our experience, most coding programs produce "Jack of all trades" developers. The problem is that people come out of these programs with no real mastery in any one field of web development and end up being mediocre in all things frontend and backend.

Fully remote: We understand that alot of people lead busy lives and don't have the luxury to physically be on-site 6-8 hours a day to learn web development. The frontend mentorship program is designed to let you decide when you want to learn, get your code reviewed, or talk with your mentor.

Affordable: Because we are a fully remote and a low overhead operation, we can provide an extremely competitive price point that is roughly 1/5 the price of most bootcamps you would attend, we can also work with you and your specific situation to figure out pricing that fits within your budget.